Cartoon drawings; best way to convey messages

Cartoon drawings have influenced societies in Africa mostly in sensitizing people about certain abnormal disease or anything that has crippled the community.

Cartoons being the most interesting and entertaining drawings to children, yet most communicable diseases are more prevalent in children and young adults.

The ministries of health across the globe and other international organizations that care about children have passed messages through cartoon drawings and illustrations that prevent such diseases like the six killer diseases.

In Rwanda cartoon drawings play a big role in curbing down violence against children in homes. Since cartoons are easily seen by anyone, this has geared up the message which was behind the (Inkoni imvuna igufa) cartoon picture to the entire world to care and report any incidence of violence against children.

The cartoon showed a kid being punished while carrying two bricks and kneeling in the stones, this picture portrayed the life at stake for such kids in some families and schools which have reduced punishments given to children in Rwanda.

Also in Uganda, it is estimated that 86 percent of messages directed to youth on cross generation sex were well perceived through cartoons, a companied with plays and poems. This shows how great cartoon drawings can change the world into a better place.

HIV virus was also known by children and adults from different books which showed a cartoon of blood cells like Red cells and white cells as HIV virus with funny head busy weakening other blood cells.

This impression left people with a clear picture how Aids virus crashes other blood cells which weakens the immune system of the body and culminates to death.

Cartoon drawings has influenced and brought changes in some societies where people couldn’t express themselves, but through cartoon drawings showing high profiled people with big belly’s meaning that corruption was at high levels for example illustrations of the kind are often at times seen billboards and ministries notice boards.


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